Humbled by God’s Provision

So, I’m the pastor of a pretty small church in Western Maryland.  We generally have 30-40 people on a Sunday morning.  We have people from every walk of life and the church takes great care of me and my family.  I wouldn’t trade this group of people for anything.

So, I’ve been looking to take a vacation this summer.  I’ve always wanted to take my wife and little girl on a vacation.  But my wife and I do not have much money so, we are looking to stretch the dollars as far as possible.  I found a potential bungalow on the beach in North Carolina–not very expensive and for an entire week!  So…upon further investigation, I find out that the only available week is the last week of June–the same week as The Southern Baptist Convention in Louisville, Kentucky.  Bummer!

Today, my wife and I took a care package to a family in our church.  They are a simple family and they do not have much–in the way of money or possessions.  Also, there are some health issues in this family and some disability.  Our church provides a monthly care package of food and the church is happy to do so.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks:  This family will probably never take a vacation.  They will probably never know what it is like to escape their situation–even for a few days.

I feel like an idiot.

Like so much of the world, I am lamenting what I don’t have and feel I deserve rather than thanking God for what He has given me–nothing of which I deserve.

No, I am an idiot.

I’m reminded of the saying: I was once upset that I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.

May God forgive my preoccupation with myself and may He forgive my cold, cold heart.

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