ObamaCare and the Draconian Consequences

If you want a picture of what socialized medicine looks like, you need look no further than this article from the Daily Mail in England.  In this article a 23-year-old mother gives birth to an extremely premature baby–only 22 weeks and five days of gestational development–and the doctors refuse to treat the baby.  The national health care guidelines in England apparently do not allow doctors to treat premature babies born before 23 weeks.  So, this little baby missed the magic window by 2 days.

Rather than treat the baby, who was born alive and breathing and lived for two hours, the doctors told the mother that “it was in the baby’s best interests to die.”

This is shocking!

Someone once defined insanity as “Trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”  There are many documented cases of this type of thing.  If the American Government and the American People think “ObamaCare” will be any different they are simply insane.

I usually do not write about “political” things.  Make no mistake, this is not a political issue.  This issue is about our very existence as a Constitutional Republic, our freedom as a individuals, and our ability as Christians to “fight” for life.

Will we stand idly by and watch as children die because they were born too early?  Will we acquiesce and say it would be better for someone to die (even at 22 weeks) than to live a life with a disability?

This system and thinking is better suited for Soviet Russia or Fascist Germany under Hitler.  Nothing about this is “American.”

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  1. Hate to say this, but the rules are the same in the US right now.

    From the article:

    “But weeks before they were published in 2006, a child was born in the U.S. which proved a baby could survive at earlier than 22 weeks if it was given medical treatment.

    Amillia Taylor was born in Florida on October 24, 2006, after just 21 weeks and six days in the womb. She celebrated her second birthday last year.

    Doctors believed she was a week older and so gave her intensive care, but later admitted she would not have received treatment if they had known her true age.

    However, experts say cases like Amillia Taylor’s are rare, and can raise false expectations about survival rates.

    Studies show that only 1 per cent of babies born before 23 weeks survive, and many suffer serious disabilities.”

    This has nothing to do with Britain’s NHS, and more to do with the actual survival rates of babies born before 23 weeks and guidelines developed over a two year period.

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