About Me

Why “Archangel?” That’s easy…I’m a trumpet player, or at least I was for a time. I still play, but my days of playing professionally are past, probably for good.

  1. I am passionate about worship and doing worship the right way.
  2. I am passionate about church and doing church the right way.
  3. I am passionate about preaching and teaching the truth of God’s word.
  4. I am a 5-Point Calvinist; but I am not a “Calviniser.” In other words, I do not believe a person must be a Calvinist to be saved. I do think it is the best “system” of theology, but Calvinism is not without its theological conundrums.

My Alma Maters:

I am married to the world’s best and most amazing woman and we have an adorable daughter. (Pictures here, here, and here)

3 responses to “About Me

  1. mom

    God has truly blessed me with a super intelligent son who loves Him! I am so thankful to Him!! It is an honor to be your mom!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Archangel

    Aw shucks…(he blushes), thanks mom!

  3. Please be so kind as to check out my pro-life blog

    I’d appreciate it if you would mention it in your links and recommended blogs list.


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