My Convictions

Here are some of my convictions. Some are serious; some are not.

Serious Convictions:

True expository preaching requires making the author’s main point the main point of the message (thank you Mark Dever)

It is more important to build a Church (a covenant community of baptized believers who desire to live a Christ-like life while encouraging and helping the other members of the community to do the same) than it is to build a congregation.

Regeneration is a work of the Holy Spirit and it precedes our redemption. Actually, without the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit, we would not be able to respond to God’s offer of salvation.

Liberal Christianity is no Christianity at all–it is a pathway straight to the depths of hell.

Not-so-Serious Convictions: (these are quite random)

Nascar is, in fact, a sport. You try wrestling a car around a track at 190 MPH while it is 150 Degrees in the cockpit causing you to loose as much as 10 pounds a race.

The “Designated Hitter” rule ruins the game of Baseball

Yes, there is a hyphen in anal-retentive.

“Rap” and “Hip-Hop” are not genres of music. Rap and Hip-Hop are genres of noise. Real music is more than an ad nauseum repetition of sampled sounds and pseudo-poetry.

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